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The Criteria Of Good Captain Waiter

Captain waiter is someone who leads waiter in restaurant serivce to ensure the service goes well and can to satisfy all customers. He is a partner of head service or supervisor. Due to his very important function in service, he must to be a good person both in attitude and action. A good restaurant service usually has a good captain waiter behind it. Now, what are the criteria of good captain waiter? I try to write thats criteria for Restofocus' readers

Here are some criteria of a good captain waiter :

1. Focus on preparing
Preparing is a very important thing for a succes service. Prepare will began as restaurant opened in the morning or at particular time that set for restaurant to open. Need great focus to handle this preparing. Things that need to be considered in this case is the presence of waiter and cashier, completeness of service equipment, the cleanliness of the area, the readiness of the cash register, inventory and other condiment. Then if he found there is waiter who absent due to illnes for example, captain waiter should to regulate who can replace the task of absent waiter. This mean to avoid obstacles in the operation of restaurant.

2. Giving the example of
A good leader is a leader who can provide exemplary for his subordinates such as waiter and cashier. A good captain waiter should be able to give a good example or role model for the waiter and cashier . If he is talking about discipline, then he is the first one who to be discipline . If he is talking about the craft , then he is the most diligent one.

3. Likes to give help
A good captain is not only good at giving orders to his subordinates. But he also did not hesitate to go directly to help if needed without being asked . He is not someone who just wants to monitor but do not want to come to act . A good captain waiter is the captain who likes to help .

 4. Great motivator
A captain waiter should be always gives support to all waiters in all conditions both easy and difficult time. He was the one who always make waiters regain their spirits. So, captain waiter should not be seen weakness in the face of the waiter and waiteress. If the captain waiter looked limp , his waiter what ?

5. The solution
When there is a problem , then the captain waiter was the one who would appear to provide solutions . If there is a complaint from customer because of poor service , captain waiter will not hide himself  and told the waiter to face  the angry customer, but he would appear to meet the angry customer while apologizing and saying " any mistakes made by our waiter was our fault , for that we want to apologize to you for our poor services "

6. Cheerful and entertaining
Culture smile in service is mandatory and the captain waiter was the first one who should to be seen as an example of how the waiter was always smile and be friendly to the guest or restaurant customer . He will perform with cheerful and always entertaining his crew to be always in good spirit and have a good cooperation with each other in operational service restaurant.

That's all the criteria of good captain waiter. All the criteria above can to be practice by eveyone in order to be a good captain waiter in the restaurant. Hope useful.
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