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Smile Will Increase Your Restaurant Daily Sales

Everybody knows smile is something that anyone can't deny. Everybody needs any smile at any time and any where. Including in restaurant service. Your customer will be happy when waiter and waiteress serve them with nice smile and hospitality. Yes, customer, who ever them, will be happy to find someone who smile to them sincerely. This matter look simple but need a consistency. 

Push your waiter and waiteress to always give a good service to costumer by providing service that fast, accurate, and friendly. By making customer happy, customer will enjoy their moment at your restaurant and there is a possibiity that customer will order additional menu as long as the time they being in restaurant. That's why i say smile will increase your restaurant daily sales.

Feeling comfort is one of the most important thing for people, so we have to do something to make people feel comfort. If the people, especially our customer felt comfort when they been in our restaurant, it will be a great benefit for us. It's such a guarantee that people or customer will always come back to our restaurant.

This time, there are too many restaurant around us. So competition will increase between one restaurant and others. Many marketing ploy or strategy will be increase. But a good service, such as a friendly service is one of top priority that you never forget if you want to become one of a favorite restaurant for people to come.

In this article, i want to emphasize that smile is very important thing for your service. Never forget to smile to customer at every condition. Both in low condition and also in rush condition. Suggest your crew to be nice all the time they work. To always smile to customer. This habit will inspire your waiter and waiteress to be a nice worker. Smile will enjoy your crew and also your customer.

There is a good example, one restaurant in java requires a waiter and waiteress to always become friendly to customer, and if there is complaint by customer for any unfriedly waiter, the waiter will get sanction. It's intended to make friendly habit to guest or customer.

Basically, smile will help your waiter and waiteress to enjoy their job, and will make your customer feel comfort by waiter's good service and smile. That's all article about smile will increase your restaurant daily sales. Hope useful.

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